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Chigusa Mitsuki is 47 years old this year. The mother of two has been married for 20 years. In fact, a former voice actor has experience singing in famous works that everyone knows. She retired after getting married but her charming voice is still alive and well. "I couldn't choose a job when I first started, so I also did adult jobs." The couple's business had been neglected for several years. A dream stage that satisfies the feeling of searching for an outlet for desires and the feeling of wanting to feel that excitement again, which is AV. Please take a look at the website where the G-cup wife wants to make another flower bloom as a woman who generously shows off her enchanting voice.

JRZE-153 My beloved wife goes to work and has an affair with her boss
 Movie Code: JRZE-153 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Chigusa Mizuki